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Easy Scheduling with ClockTo

Communicate schedules effectively.
Work when you want, get help when you need.

Struggling with Shift Scheduling?

Drowning in paper schedules and excel sheets?

Tired of endless calls to confirm employees?

Overwhelmed by the last minute time off requests?

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AI-DrivenScheduling platform

The ClockTo AI agent automates scheduling and staff coordination, providing employees with greater flexibility. Our goal is to empower businesses to manage their workforce effectively while giving workers control over their schedules and reducing burnout.

Effortless sync

Seamlessly merge scheduling with communication for an intuitive experience.

AI-Powered Efficiency

Automate shift scheduling and streamlined operations driven by AI.

Flexibility First

Empower every worker with the gift of adaptable scheduling, ensuring work-life harmony.

See what you can do with ClockTo

Staff Management

Easily visualize shifts and roles on your dashboard. Monitor payroll and attendance, all in one central hub.

staff management

Collaborate & Engage

Launch surveys, gather feedback, share vital resources, and foster open discussions to maintain a cohesive team environment.

Efficient Scheduling

Designate the perfect staff for every shifts in mere minutes, even across multiple roles or locations. Let our system optimize based on employee availability.

efficient scheduling
real-time shift update

Real-time Shift Updates

Dispatch shifts directly to your team, be it on desktop or mobile. Ensure they're always in the know with instant updates and confirmation requests for any schedule changes.

Why ClockTo?

User-friendly interface

Dive into a vibrant interface that doesn't just simplify your tasks but makes them enjoyable! Our gamified environment ensures that you're not only productive but also engaged. We've stripped away the clutter, focusing solely on what you need the most: efficient shift scheduling.

AI-driven automation

Gone are the days of manual scheduling hassles. With a single click, ClockTo's AI takes over, assigning shifts based on dynamic employee availability and role compatibility. Plus, our voice assistant is at your beck and call, ready to guide you through any scheduling challenges you might face.

Real-time update

Stay in the loop, always. Whether you're publishing shifts, making changes, or addressing employee requests for time off or shift swaps, ClockTo ensures you're notified instantly. And not just any notification - we provide actionable insights, so you know exactly what to do next.

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